Day 141


Am having hold my posture very carefully tonight. I managed to upset my back today which has left me feeling bloated and sick and restricted if I sit in the wrong position. Yes, this is what had me running to the osteopath last month. Don’t think I’ll need her this time but it doesn’t matter if I do. The appointments are expensive.

A rusty red-ish sort of coloured small square joined the blanket today. I think there’s some orange in the mix too. Hard to tell under artificial light. I like it though.


I got another chunk of the spinning done today before I upset my body by taking a nap. I had wanted it finished today but it is not to be. I’m just glad the sound of the motor isn’t giving me a headache anymore. I’m considering some noise dampening insulation. I’m investigating whether sheets of craft foam would work.

I *love* Pink’s music. I have all of her albums and it has been fantastic to see her grow and change through her music, from a somewhat self-loathing 20-something to a woman who is married and worked through the difficulties of that relationship to becoming a mum. She finishes her latest all ‘The Truth About Love’ with an upbeat tune that I can fully support. She sings about how she didn’t expect to be where she is but that *now* are the proverbial good old days. Not that her now is perfect but that ‘all’s good right now’. (Yes, I identify with quite a bit of her music).

Pink – Good Old Days