Day 143


Still not quite back to ‘normal’ but I feel like I only did half a million sit-ups today.

I had intended to ply the blue-faced Leicester yarn then knit my blanket piece but I managed to burn out the motor on my e-spinner so finished it on a hand spindle. There was maybe a quarter of it left to go but that took much longer than I had planned so no blanket piece today. I’ll take measurements and photos of my new handspun in the day light tomorrow.

The motor burn out may be due to wood dust but it’s more likely that it just isn’t strong enough to withstand the stress of resistance in the flyer. We have another of these motors with lower rpm but higher torque and they are cheap enough that burning another, while annoying, won’t be bank breaking.

We knew when we started this project that finding the right motor would be the most difficult part. Many people who have built their own e-spinners have used sewing machine motors. I’m not convinced they are the best option but I’ll be checking the local charity shops for a cheap sewing machine to dismantle (which is the most fun part 😉 )

Revisiting my (tormented) youth with Pearl Jam today, just because.

Pearl Jam – Alive


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