Day 144


I added yesterday’s trapezoid (stripes!) as well as todays rectangle to the blanket this evening (I love turquoise yarn!).


I spent most of the day disassembling, cleaning the rebuilding The Machine today. Yes, my e-spinner got a new motor. We bought 2 with different ratios when we decided to try a geared motor. The one I killed was 50:1. This one is 95:1. It’s a lot slower but has higher torque so it will hopefully stand up to the requirements for a little longer. Also, the lack of dust to get caught in the works might help too.

I’m not sure I like the lower speed. I spin very thin yarn – because I like to, because it’s what I most often knit with, and because I want to get as much mileage from each braid of fibre as possible (unplied, the green and pink yarn I finished the other week was a full 1500 metres long – that’s one and a half kilometres of useable yarn from 100g of fibre!!!). Thin yarn needs a lot of twist to hold it together and to give it strength. This is most commonly done using a high speed flyer (does what it says on the tin – it has smaller pulleys so it spins faster than a normal flyer which puts more twist into the yarn without having to exert more effort. It’s all about the ratios), or faster treadling on a regular spinning wheel.

Both of these things very quickly become non-factors with an e-spinner. The motor sets the speed limits so it doesn’t really matter what flyer you have. If the motor is slow, the flyer will move more slowly. You have to adjust the speed you draft out your yarn. This may sound like a simple thing but we all fall into natural rhythms. When we spin yarn, we set our spinning wheels to complement those rhythms. I suspect that i am not the only spinner who slips into a meditative mental state when spinning. If something on the machine changes, my yarn becomes inconsistent because the twist in the yarn and the pull from the bobbin are no longer complementary to my yarn draw.

The point is, it stops being calming and starts to get frustrating. And that entirely defeats the purpose of crafting as far as I’m concerned.

So we’re still trying to find a motor that will meet my demands and won’t bankrupt us. Have you seen how much hobby motors cost?!

I also reinforced the opening for the jack. It won’t get pushed into the housing everytime I plug it in. I quite like the way it looks.


Something funny for you to watch/listen to today.

I do not watch the news for ao many reasons but I love comedy/satire news shows, particularly panel shows. In the 1990’s, when I still lived in Australia, I loved watching Good News Week, hosted by Paul Mcdermott. Occassionally there would even be a musical number. This is one I have never forgotten. I love the song and Mark Trevorrow is brilliant (check out Bob Downe on YouTube).

GNW Paul Mcdermott & Mark Trevorrow – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You