Day 149


Quiet Sunday at home trying to ignore the clawing panic in my gut. Despite the long nap this prompted, I rewound the balls of yarn for the blanket – they were in quite a state – and passed the provisional half way point on the pink and green mitred-square shawl I’ve been gradually working on. I didn’t do say spinning because I burnt out the second motor 2 days ago. We’re going to have to try an AC motor instead of the DC motors we’ve been using so far (think I got those the right way around). The current type of motors need to be used at a ratio of 15 minutes in use, 45 minutes cooling down which is no way to achieve any sort of rhythm or quantity. So now we’re waiting to make an order for the new parts we need.

I also got today’s oddly placed trapezoid done.


No music today. My head is music free….