I aten’t ded.


Seriously, I’m still here but that little gall bladder thing got Complicated. I’m finally starting to feel up to concentrating long enough to knit something. I am working out what I last knitted and where I ought to be by now, and if I’m still feeling ok tomorrow I shall begin The Epic Blanket Catch-Up! At the moment that stands at 12 pieces. Any guesses on how long it will take me?

You are not forgotten!


I have been ill since Wednesday with what we thought was a bad reaction to a routine osteopath visit. I am currently in hospital being treated for pancreatitis. When it is done, I get to have my gall bladder removed.

Lucky me.

Day 165


Why is it that sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better? Today’s last minute appointment with the osteopath has left me feeling sick in the stomach in a different way than I’ve been feeling. I ought to be fine in the morning but I’m in bed early tonight feeling miserable.

Day 164


Got the blanket knitting done early. Partly because I could and partly because my back is screwed (again) but after a snooze I was able to sit up long enough to knit this purple trapezoid.


Oh! And hair. Did I warn you it was bright?


And for Reasons, today we’ve got Natalie Cole with ‘Pink Cadillac’…

Natalie Cole – Pink Cadillac

Day 163


Blanket catch up. Pink square for yesterday, orange for today.


My husband and I have anime hair again. His is purple with a dash of red. Mine is still dark brown on my left but the turquoise has been bleached out and replaced with a pink that is more accurately deacribed as magenta. No photos yet. It’s still wet and it’s too late to be fuasing with the hair dryer (hubby is already asleep).

You may have noticed that my moods are a little unstable…. they seem to be cycling fairly radically between doing ok and sobbing into my knitting. It’s a day to day thing, thamk goodness. It has happened several times in a day in the past. The medication seems to be keeping it under some control. I nees to speak to a GP to review my prescriptions this week anyway so I guess it’s time to discuss an increase in my mood stabiliser dosage.

We’ve heard Emeli Sande before in a duet with Labrinth but this is her on her own, voicing the Joy I feel in music. This was the first time I heard her and I aimply cannot help but feel uplifted by this song. The music alone makes me happy.

Naughty Boy ft. Emeli Sandé – Wonder

Day 162


Didn’t redye my hair today because the inclination to shave my head as an excuse to never leave the house was too strong to trust myself alone in the bathroom with haircare products.

Day 161




It’s so big that finding enough floor space for this picture meant clearing extra floor space in my sons room (very badly. Sorry.). It’s at least 2m across the top so it’s kinda huge.

I’m really pleased with it and the colours have come out beautifully in the mitred square shapes.

And here is the last 3 days of blanket knitting. Today is the blue rectangle, yesterday’s is the almost white square, the day before is the red square.


The gap in the corner will remain empty for the moment. Tomorrow I move to the far side of the top of  the blanket to work back to this point. That will then take us into stage 4….

Sometimes the first time you hear a song, it’s a live recording. You buy the live album and love it so you buy the studio albums that have your favourite songs on them but it’s not at all the same.

I often feel the opposite of this. Sometimes, the artist makes changes to the track and it becomes almost unrecognisable…

Anyway, Sarah McLachlan released a live album called ‘Mirrorball’ and for me, this album is one of the first situations. There is something beautiful about unpolished music, and about hearing an artist truly enjoying their music.

I am not at all a fan of the studio version of today’s song. This is the live recording that I love… but I’m not sure anything is better than ice cream 😉

Sarah McLachlan – Ice Cream

Day 160


Today has been a mixed bag. Shawl finished, knitting group went well, visit with friends was lovely, got home and couldn’t stop crying…

I caught up on the blanket too. My cameras battery is flat again (it’s what I get for blogging late at night….) so I can’t take pics of the two new pieces on the blanket nor of the finished shawl, which is huge and still only used 2.5 balls of the three I bought for it. I’ll make a hat or something with what’s left.

I don’t have a song for you today – my head hurts from crying and I can’t think for all the broken that’s in my head tonight. Sorry.

Day 159


The shawl is *this close* to finished. I’m halfway through the border along the top then there’s just the 10 or so ends to sew in. It will be finished tomorrow in time for the afternoon knitting group but I need sleep right now.

And along those lines, tonights music is by a former contestant on the UK’s Fame Academy. I don’t actually watch reality TV so I don’t know how he was selected for it or how the show worked or who won. I do know that I’ve enjoyed the music he’s produced. This song was beautiful the first time I heard it. It’s still beautiful.

Lemar – Lullaby