Day 163


Blanket catch up. Pink square for yesterday, orange for today.


My husband and I have anime hair again. His is purple with a dash of red. Mine is still dark brown on my left but the turquoise has been bleached out and replaced with a pink that is more accurately deacribed as magenta. No photos yet. It’s still wet and it’s too late to be fuasing with the hair dryer (hubby is already asleep).

You may have noticed that my moods are a little unstable…. they seem to be cycling fairly radically between doing ok and sobbing into my knitting. It’s a day to day thing, thamk goodness. It has happened several times in a day in the past. The medication seems to be keeping it under some control. I nees to speak to a GP to review my prescriptions this week anyway so I guess it’s time to discuss an increase in my mood stabiliser dosage.

We’ve heard Emeli Sande before in a duet with Labrinth but this is her on her own, voicing the Joy I feel in music. This was the first time I heard her and I aimply cannot help but feel uplifted by this song. The music alone makes me happy.

Naughty Boy ft. Emeli Sandé – Wonder


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