Day 166


Well, so much for that plan. While I was in hospital the dogs tumbled the bag of yarn so before I can start knitting, I have to untangle and rewind all of the yarn. It’s tangled and mixed with dog hair because our two long haired dogs are shedding *again*.

blanket yarn

I’m not too worried about the dog hair though. That’s in everything in our house. I will try to get the worst of it out though and then more will come out as I’m working with the yarn.

But this is where we are with the blanket so far –

The plan –


The reality (toes included for size reference ;)) –


Apparently, I changed the plan a bit and knit piece 168 instead of what is labelled 165. Also, I had forgotten how big this project has already gotten. I’m looking forward to getting back into this and starting up my meditation program again (still enjoying using ‘’ for that, by the way). I think I am going to need it as I adjust to being home again, the need for which was a surprise. I didn’t think being without the security of a nurse or the immediate relief of IV medication would be a problem and it isn’t but I got ill more quickly with this illness than is normal. I have good reason to be a little frightened to be without that safety net. I’m fine but the fear may take a little while to fully abate.

Anyway, I’ve been looking back over some of my posts and my goodness, the photos are dreadful! I am so sorry to subject you to them. Unfortunately, the photo quality is unlikely to change any time soon. Still only have my phone to work with and it is an indelicate sort of device. I will go back and put in better links for the music and I will also go back and edit at least the size of some of the photos. That’s what happens when you use a mobile device instead of a computer, ladies and gentlemen.

But not today ’cause I’m on my laptop and today’s song is one of my favourites from both the ’80’s and the movies. In celebration of my return, today we are listening to ELO with ‘I’m Alive’ from Xanadu!


Quick Update Before….


I return to the regularly scheduled program.

I am home. After nearly 3 months in hospital (2 hospitals if you want to be pedantic), I have been released after minor surgery. Things are going well. I am feeling a little better each day and am so very glad to be back home.

I will pick up the blanket at Day 166 which is where we were up to. I am not going to try to make up the missed days. The very thought makes it all seem like a chore and that is mostly certainly not the point of the exercise.

So, hello again 🙂