Day 168


I think I’m a day out somewhere. I need to renumber the plan with what I’ve actually done instead of what I’d planned to do and see what happens. Pretty sure I need to do 2 piece to tomorrow.

I have done today’s trapezoid and yes it’s late and no there’s no picture. It’s late because hubby and I have been playing what could be considered too much World of Warcraft to be healthy and I lost track of time and there’s no picture because the light is awful and I’d like to pretend that I can take a reasonable picture. I will update this post with a picture in the morning though.

Still no music. I’m so tired. Showering this morning left me weak and shaky which was unexpected. I’d been feeling good and had planned to return to my knitting group. Ended up staying home. Took half an hour for the shakes to fade and even then I couldn’t stomach all of my normal breakfast. I can’t wait to be ‘back to normal’. Shame that’s going to take about 6 months. Still need check-up’s, my gall bladder removed, and the stents draining the pseudo-cysts to be removed. Do I know how to party, or what?

EDIT: Yeah, so the photo is still terrible. I forgot to take it in the morning so it’s under artificial lights just to make it that much worse for you. Sorry.


The blue and purple trapezoid was added today. The green one was yesterday.


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