Day 169


Yep, I’m a day out so today you get a large triangle and a regular rectangle. But the triangle is too small so I’ll be trying again with that tomorrow only this time I’ll actually work the pattern out instead of just making it up as I go. I may just have to knit it separately and sew it on like I did with the last one but I don’t think so. Just have to work out where and how to start then I’ll be grand.

Here’s the two new pieces in situ. The triangle is obvious, the rectangle is… actually, it’s obvious too (and I apologise for the quality of this photo).


You can see how the triangle doesn’t fit properly at all. I’ll have to ‘crunch some numbers’. There is a lot more basic math involved in designing with sticks and string than you’d think.

Also, here’s the updated plan. You can compare it to the original below it in the photo.


Not a big change but it was enough to confuse me after a 3 month break.

P.S. I have added the photo to yesterdays post.

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