Day 171


All fixed!

The new triangle…

day 168 - corrected

Pieces 170 and 171.

Day 170-171

I am now up-to-date.

I gave in with the triangle and knit it separately. I cast on 31, and decreased one at the beginning of every right side row, knitting the last two stitches together to finish. I left a tail long enough to sew the triangle to the rest of the blanket.

It’s getting cumbersome to cart around now. I’ll try to remember to measure it tomorrow along the longest sides, and I really need to start sewing in the ends. There are more than 300 now.

We have music tonight! Because I am knitting while watching Marvel Avengers Assemble, here’s Soundgarden.

P.S. I’ve finally updated Day 169 with the photo of the updated plan. I had to email it to myself from my phone and it took 2 days to arrive for some reason…