Day 176


I was at Waterstones Cafe again today for the first Thursday afternoon knitting club since I went into hospital in October. I was great to see Jo and Natalie again.

I started to cast on for yesterdays blanket square and got 2 rows knitted before Natalie arrive and today I was teaching her to crochet. It wasn’t until I was on my way home much later that I realised I was using the wrong coloured yarn. I started again with the right yarn when I got home. The right yarn being the variegated red being knitted into a large square. Today’s piece is a small square in variegated grey.


Hubby was home today after doing some work maintenance from home last night. After he’d finished he met me in town and we had a ‘date’ at Wagamama’s where I was very brave and tried 2 new dishes. I am not an adventurous eater so trying pork ribs in a Korean BBQ sauce and a chicken teriyaki donburi when normally I would have chicken gyoza and chicken katsu with amai sauce. The donburi is a *huge* meal of rice and chicken. I had to bring half of it home. It was all very tasty and I highly recommend all 4 of these dishes.

I have chosen Bruno Mars’ ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ to share with you today. No particular reason but that I like it.