Day 178


It’s been a while since I knitted a trapezoid let alone a pair for a corner. Fortunately, I remember how to do it. This pair is pretty straight forward. It also means that I am once again caught up – a pink trapezoid for yesterday a light turquoise for today.

Day 178

When I woke from my nap this afternoon, hubby was watching a BBC program on the beginnings of Heavy Metal, particularly it’s origins here in the UK. I am very fond of Bruce Dickinson who is probably the most famous of Iron Maiden’s vocalists – he used to host a radio program for BBC radio 6 that introduced a slew of new artists into this house.

One of the most awesome things about many metal/hard rock bands is that the musicians are well trained – some of them in classical music or less popular instruments (the lead singer of Korn plays the bagpipes!). Listening closely to the music can surprise you with its musical complexity. I love it!

This song is called ‘Can I Play With Madness’ but always sounds like ‘can i play with matches’ to me….. There’s even a Monty Python actor in this video clip.


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