Day 179


Dear Self,

You’ve tried having fizzy drink since leaving the hospital and you know that it doesn’t take much more than 200ml to upset your tummy so why did you think that drinking a 2 litre bottle over 3 days would not be a problem?

Self, you’re an idiot sometimes.

So, yeah, I’m still readjusting to a ‘normal’ diet and sometimes my desire to return to what was overrides what is. It makes for a lot of burping and general discomfort.

Also, I am out of practice at staying up until after 1am. The headache I have this evening is intense.

Anyway today’s knitting is reversing the next 2 days on the plan. Decreases are easier without having to fit the sloping edge to another piece and increasing against a decrease edge is pretty straightforward.

I’ll fill in the gap with the second trapezoid tomorrow.

Day 179

Depeche Mode. I love the tune of this song (Shake the Disease), and the lyrics. Truthfully, I love most of their music.  They’re iconically ’80’s and wonderful for it 🙂