Day 180


I found a ball of yarn today that I’ve only used once before in this blanket because it’s a sample skein which means it’s less than 80m in length. The other yarns I’m using come in balls or skeins of 400m so I’m only going to get 3-4 pieces out of the sample skein. It makes an interesting punctuation in the pattern though.

Day 180

I went out with my friend Mary today for the first time since getting sick. We ended up at Hobbycraft which is never a good thing. I’ve come home with a cross-stitch magazine (because it has a cute scissor keeper and pouch kit) and 3 variety packs of buttons because the sweater I knitted last year needs finishing which includes buttons. There are so many ends to sew in! This is one of the reasons I prefer crochet – working the ends into the fabric as you go is so much easier.

More 80’s music (I kinda love 80’s music. Can you tell?). A-ha is best known for ‘Take On Me’ which has an excellent, partially animated video, but tonight’s song is one that I hadn’t realised was by them. Living in England, ‘The Sun Always Shines On TV’ is, sadly, true. It can be several days in a rows that the only place we might see the sun is on tv……


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