Day 185


We got a new sofa today. Well, new to us. A friend is getting a new sofa next week and wants to decorate before it arrives so we’re already got her old one which doesn’t look very old at all. And it will be easier to keep in good condition because it’s leather which is wipe clean, which most sofa fabrics are not. It’s a corner set which is different. We are disassembling the mismatched pair to take to the tip tomorrow. It’s strangely intense work.

After setting up the new sofa, we went out with Mary to a new, local deli for a late breakfast. The Smokehouse Deli is awesome. If you are in St Albans, Herts, or nearby, you should look it up.

2 new pieces for the blanket to make up for missing yesterday. A small ‘petrol’ coloured square and a green and lilac rectangle.

day 185

I need a little cheering up today so here’s a favourite from The Mavericks – ‘Dance the Night Away’. I love the music and the video clip just makes me smile.