Latest project – a home made electric spinning wheel


Inspiration for upgrades to my own homemade electric spinner.

The Milkenunny Blog

I enjoy spinning, but with various back problems and not enough space in the lounge room for my spinning wheel I don’t get to spin much, other than at craft group twice a month.  So recently I started looking into electric spinning wheels.  There are some really lovely ones out there but the price range of $800 or more was just too steep for me to even consider.  However, after looking in a local second hand store at what was obviously an old home made electric spinner that was still out of my price range, I started to wonder if it might be worth my while to try and make my own.

So last Saturday I made a start.  I actually already had a spare flyer (the part that spins around and puts the thread onto the bobbin) which was a major head start.  I made a wooden frame to hold the flyer and pulled…

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