Day 169


Yep, I’m a day out so today you get a large triangle and a regular rectangle. But the triangle is too small so I’ll be trying again with that tomorrow only this time I’ll actually work the pattern out instead of just making it up as I go. I may just have to knit it separately and sew it on like I did with the last one but I don’t think so. Just have to work out where and how to start then I’ll be grand.

Here’s the two new pieces in situ. The triangle is obvious, the rectangle is… actually, it’s obvious too (and I apologise for the quality of this photo).


You can see how the triangle doesn’t fit properly at all. I’ll have to ‘crunch some numbers’. There is a lot more basic math involved in designing with sticks and string than you’d think.

Also, here’s the updated plan. You can compare it to the original below it in the photo.


Not a big change but it was enough to confuse me after a 3 month break.

P.S. I have added the photo to yesterdays post.

Day 90


Alan Rickman dancing in a petrol station! Not the only reason I love this song but it’s certainly an excellent reason to watch the video clip. ‘In Demand’ by Texas is more recent than the other ‘rock chick’ type tunes I’ve been including lately but Sharleen Spiteri is fabulous (she was Elvis in one video clip!). I’ve been aware of them as a band since I was in High School and enjoyed the music but this song…. I think it’s beautiful. It’s not a complicated tune, the lyrics tell a story, the singing is nuanced. And the aforementioned dancing Alan Rickman. Also, I think that’s Blackfriars Bridge they drive over at the beginning and I always get a thrill when a location is familiar.

‘In Demand’ – Texas

I’ve been able to avoid putting similar colours together in the blanket but apparently, it’s something I’m doing at the moment. I may need to add some more colours because it’s getting hard to get a balance with the colours and tones when I add a new piece. It’s looking good so far though. Just a small square today.

day 90

Despite spending all day on designing them, I don’t like the way the sleeves are looking. I need to rethink what I want to do. If I were decreasing instead of increasing, I think I’d like the way it looks more but for now I’ll be starting again. I have some ideas for how to go forward so it’ll be ok. Want to have them done asap though because I want to wear the dress on Saturday when I go to Fibre-East. Not to show it off, just because it’s a comfortable dress.

Day 89


Despite some good news today, my brain is still not firing on all cylinders. It has taken me all day to knit these two piece onto the blanket. My hands and thoughts are slow, I keep making mistakes or miscounting the stitches and going back over things that didn’t need it.

days 88-89

The triangle (the pink with dark spots on the right) is the piece that gave me so much trouble yesterday. Obsessively counting got me through it today. The trapezoid slotted in so easily to the space left for it. It was a satisfying thing to knit.


blanketplan- amendment

If you look back at the plan for this section (top left of the diagram), you will see that I’ve made some changes to the order this area is worked in. Because of the way the pieces are knitted it made more sense to attach the trapezoids to the triangle than trying to do the opposite. For me as much as for the curious, here is the amended order diagram for this section.    

I think that I have finally, *finally* figured out what I want to do for the next set of maxi-dress sleeves and how I’m going to get the pattern to work. Designing is a lot of fun but because I do my designing on paper it requires many pages. I do write over the early incarnations of patterns but I like to keep the later ones because I sometimes have to return to them if something doesn’t work out the way I’d expected. There are diagrams and rough sketches and the occasional doodle.

designprocess-blog When I have worked it out, I transfer it to a spreadsheet on my computer because it is always in front of me when I’m at home and with a carefully organised desktop, I can read and knit at the same time. Or watch YouTube… One of the world’s most stellar performers is Annie Lennox. As one half of the iconic Eurythmics, she continues to influence music. The music is varied, her voice is excellent and their videos are always interesting. This song even has Stevie Wonder on harmonica…

Day 56


More Australiana for you today. John Farnham made a comeback in the ’80’s with the song ‘You’re The Voice’ which is from an album I still love. By 1990 he had become a much loved fixture in current music. This is one of the most beautiful ballads I have heard. It’s simple, a little raw and heartfelt.

And so the epic venture that is typing up a pattern begins. I’ve not written a shawl pattern before so I’m a little unsure about approaching the formatting of it but I think I’ve worked it out. I’m nearly done with the knitting, close enough to it that I feel confident enough to finish writing the pattern while I wait for hubby to go into the loft for another ball of yarn for me. It’s already a big shawl, which are my favourite sort, but it’s still got another 50 or so rows to go.

I’ve really enjoyed this process actually. When I started knitting this shawl, I knew what shapes I wanted and that I wanted to keep it fairly simple. I have kept the stitches to knit and purl, and used a single type of increase. The numbers are straight forward and you can see the pattern as you work. I’ve used DK-weight yarn and knitted it with slightly larger than normal needles for the yarn weight to give it drape and softness. And while it could use a little blocking to straighten it up, it isn’t necessary which means that once the knitting is done it can be worn straight away. More pictures when it is finished.

day 56There is a lovely comfort in the simple stitches.

More simple stitches – a large triangle in shades of green.