Day 60


Emotionally, today has sucked big time. I believe there is a plan, a pathway on a much grander scale than I can comprehend but sometimes waiting for that plan to resolve itself is nigh impossible. And right now, all it feels like I am learning is how much being patient *hurts*. 18 months of conforming to someone else’s whims has done nothing positive for my family and I pray that no one else has to suffer through the ‘help’ that social services offer.

And now to cheer you up. This is why we love our dogs and write them songs…

Midnight Oil – aka ‘the Oils’ –  are iconic in Australian music, and influenced generations of music makers and activists from their beginning in the mid 70’s until they disbanded in 2002. They continue to influence listeners and even politics (lead singer Peter Garrett was a cabinet minister in the Australian Federal government from 2004 – 2013). While  don’t always agree  with their sentiments, I admire their passion both for their subject matter and their music. This is one of my favourites by them.

I got a little more of the sweater knitted today and am just about ready to start working in the round. I didn’t get as much done as I wanted. I didn’t much feel up to doing much of anything for most of the day.

I got the blanket piece done though which is my minimum goal for crafting each day. I really love the colours of today’s trapezoid.

day 60

By the way, did you see? 60 days!!!