The Trouble With Scribbles


I’ve been very busily not colouring lately because I’ve been very busily drawing. I’m still tweaking most of these but this is what I’ve ‘finished’ so far –

book beginnings

I’m trying to decide if I should continue and perhaps self-publish an eBook. I’ll need at least 20 for that I think so I’m doing well in that regard.

The first one I finished was the paisley one on the top row, second from the right and you can print your own copy to colour. Please share photos if you do.

They are all hand drawn and without any computer editting and the last time I had any tuition in drawing was back in high school so I’m feeling pretty pleased with my efforts so far.


Day 117


Didn’t feel like knitting today. Has been a weird day that ended with a 3 hour panic attack for no apparent reason.

I did spend time doing the creative thing though. I’m going to try my hand at teaching my friend G to spin yarn so today I made a couple of handspindles which included doodling some designs to go on spindle whorls.


Which then led to more doodling including this lopsided portrait…


I was working absently, with the paper at an odd angle so  I’m blaming that but she’s cross-eyed on purpose.

There were other scribbles but these are the most complete.

Along these lines (pun intended) – the fantastic video for A-ha’s ‘Take On Me’