Day 24


Today has not been a Good Day. You may be familiar with the analogy of depression as a black dog. I have 2 black dogs so I actually have a great deal of affection for black dogs but there is a large black beast that follows me. Sometimes it catches up to me and today was one of those days. So it’s got me thinking. To get where I am today – able to ¬†take medication and advice as regards my mental health – it took re-evaluating how I looked at mental health. Not specifically mine but how society approaches mental health. Because it can’t be seen, there are people who don’t believe it’s real. Thing about that though is that you can’t see diabetes either. Nor can you see the flu but both of these things are considered real because they’ve been around a long time even though once upon a time epilepsy was considered a type of demonic possession. Here’s my point – if we don’t talk about it with a view to understanding it beyond myth and imagination, we demonise it. With the growing number of people who are seeking help for mental health concerns, we need to think about how we approach mental health.

Consider¬†if we treated physical ailments as mental illness is so often treated…

Just like the illnesses in the above comic, mental ill health has a biological basis.


Mental illness like depression and anxiety are no less ‘real’ than illnesses like diabetes or cancer.

If you know someone who struggles with their mental health, sometimes it’s very hard to help them. It’s not because they don’t want help. It’s not because they’re being ‘difficult’. sometimes they don’t have words for it either. Sometimes this is the best you can do…

Please be patient with us. We will come through but it might take a little while. Hopefully you will never experience mental ill health, but if you do, you will understand why your patience and your willingness to be there is so appreciated.

Now for something that helped to lift my spirits some today. As you’ve seen, I love music. Every group of people in the world have their own music. It is something that we do socially, as entertainment, as celebration, in mourning. It’s a way to create and a way to share. But it’s not just a human thing.

it was a toss up whether to share jazz loving cows or piano-playing, head-bopping elephants. The elephants won – the one in the foreground actually shakes its booty!

The enjoyment of music is pretty universal and it’s beautiful.

Big square today, knitted with Fortissima Shadow Color in grey. I’ll list the yarns I’ve used so far and which square they were used for in tomorrow’s post.

(I’ll have to add the photo later when my camera is recharged enough for taking a photo)