Day 67


I’m still fussing with the pattern for this trapezoid. I think I’ve almost got it but I also think I did something when I made the last one and didn’t make a note of it on my pattern. I’ll have a look at it again in the morning. I might have to do some test pieces to work it out and I’ll take photos as I go in case I need to do a tutorial. There’s some potential tricky-to-explain details but nothing that’s difficult to do. Anyway, today’s trapezoid.

day 67

My mother is getting remarried in August and while I can’t be there (tickets to Australia are prohibitively expensive), I do want to make something for her. We agreed that I was right in thinking she would like a tablecloth and I chose a few patterns and shared them with her. Now, I am not an inexperienced knitter be even I admitted defeat with the beginning of the pattern. Working with yarn overs on dpn’s is nasty work. I still want to make it because it is a beautiful piece but I’m going to have to wrestle with the pattern until i’m satisfied and I think I just thought of a solution.

The problem is that when you are working in concentric circles you need to divide your stitches between several short needles with points at both end (known as double-point needles, or DPN’s). this in itself is not difficult. Keeping the stitches on your needles, and keeping the tension even is the tricky part. This becomes more complex when the stitch at one end of each dpn is a yarn over (yo)(when you wrap the yarn round the needle but don’t work it through a stitch from the row below). By working through the stitch below, a stitch is tensioned and defined in a particular area. A yarn over does not have this stabiliser and is often a looser and therefore larger stitch. This means that the stitches on the needles around the yarn over can shift in odd ways – becoming looser or having a larger gap between stitches – and therefore the needle isn’t held in place as well. There is little in the knitting world more annoying than preparing to move from one dpn to the next only to discover the blasted needle has slithered it’s way out of the stitches.

If you’re still with me, my point is that I am something of a perfectionist when it comes to my knitting and crochet – particularly when a project is this important to me – and if I can’t get this right, I will be looking for another pattern. I’ve given myself till the end of the week.

After all, you should start as you mean to go on.

I can’t do a series of songs from the age of the musical without including this man. The crush I had on him….. I do love a song and dance man and they don’t get much better than Gene Kelly.

I love how light he is on his feet but my favourite part is where he stops dancing in favour of splashing in the puddles. Well, wouldn’t you?

Some interesting insight into the movie industry at that time in this interview with Gene Kelly.

And just because I love him too, Christopher Walken talking about Gene Kelly along with a multitude of marvellous clips from Gene Kelly’s career.

Day 61


It’s a bit ironic that on the day I actually go to a knitting group, I get almost no knitting done. I have eaten breakfast in a cafe, wound yarn for friends, eaten lunch at Wagamama’s with Hubby and my friend G, shopped for food, bleached the hubby’s hair, used a mortar and pestle to grind durum flour for hubby who made pasta (tagliatelle, ravioli, and tortellini) from scratch just because he could, knit about 6 rows on the current sweater, knit today’s trapezoid and now I’m blogging. Much busier than I anticipated….
My Hubby, the pretty pretty princess 😉 We bleached out all colour in preparation of dyeing it purple. Should be fun. He’s suggested I dye mine turquoise. I asked him why he wanted us to look like a couple from Japanese animation. He asked why we wouldn’t which is a difficult argument to maintain cause it would be pretty cool…

pretty pretty princess

pretty pretty blonde princess






Today’s song is one that I apparently sang *alot* when I was growing up. You can imagine my embarrassment/horror when I realised in my late teens that the song I had sung so much as a 6 year old was actually about…. I still know all the words to ‘Physical’ by Olivia Newton-John.

I struggled with which song to share today. My friend J suggested ‘something goofy and fun’. ‘Cheesy’ is the same thing, right? And it was either this or something from Xanadu so you weren’t going to get anything less cringeworthy.

Ah, what the heck. Gene Kelly on rollerskates, people! (I adore Gene Kelly)

To close my busy day, here is a stripy trapezoid…

day 61