Day 63


Oh, the things I have discovered this day. Did you know that there are wearable electronics? I mean, these are specially designed to be sewn onto your clothing or bag. It can be as simple  as flickering LED’s or you can make yourself a knitting bag that will use the LED’s to tell you your pattern on each row!  I haven’t found all of the materials by that company but Adafruit has compatible materials. They also have the materials and a tutorial to make yourself an imitation arc reactor for a seriously awesome Iron Man t-shirt/Halloween costume. Yes, you do need one! (Adafruit is named for Ada Lovelace, daughter of the poet Lord Byron, and 19th century mathematician. Look her up on Google. She’s pretty awesome.)

Anyway, this has given me ideas, so very many ideas and my poor hubby will be dragged in because he’s better with the practicalities of this sort of thing. That’s not to say that I couldn’t do it, but I like my husband and I like having his help/input in things. Plus, I want my version to tell me the row count as well as the pattern and I want more than 10 lights so I’ll need more than the single board but how awesome is the sewn circuitry?!

And then there’s this –

Jesse Seay is an electronic arts teacher in Chicago. She has a series of blog posts about knitted circuit boards and it’s brilliant. I love the fusion of textiles and electronics.

I’m just about ready to join the front and the back to begin knitting in the round for the sweater. I’m still really enjoying knitting this. I’ll take a photo for tomorrow’s blog post, once it’s all joined up.

Continuing yesterday’s 1950’s-60s music and movie star, meet Bobby Darin. He was married to starlet Sandra Dee (the real one, not the character portrayed by Olivia Newton-John in ‘Grease’) and is probably best known for his performance of ‘Mack the Knife’ but of course, that’s not what I’m sharing with you. This is ‘Lazy River’, a terrific piece of big band swing.

And now, for the thing you have all been waiting for….. today’s addition to the banket is a small red square.

day 63

Day 61


It’s a bit ironic that on the day I actually go to a knitting group, I get almost no knitting done. I have eaten breakfast in a cafe, wound yarn for friends, eaten lunch at Wagamama’s with Hubby and my friend G, shopped for food, bleached the hubby’s hair, used a mortar and pestle to grind durum flour for hubby who made pasta (tagliatelle, ravioli, and tortellini) from scratch just because he could, knit about 6 rows on the current sweater, knit today’s trapezoid and now I’m blogging. Much busier than I anticipated….
My Hubby, the pretty pretty princess 😉 We bleached out all colour in preparation of dyeing it purple. Should be fun. He’s suggested I dye mine turquoise. I asked him why he wanted us to look like a couple from Japanese animation. He asked why we wouldn’t which is a difficult argument to maintain cause it would be pretty cool…

pretty pretty princess

pretty pretty blonde princess






Today’s song is one that I apparently sang *alot* when I was growing up. You can imagine my embarrassment/horror when I realised in my late teens that the song I had sung so much as a 6 year old was actually about…. I still know all the words to ‘Physical’ by Olivia Newton-John.

I struggled with which song to share today. My friend J suggested ‘something goofy and fun’. ‘Cheesy’ is the same thing, right? And it was either this or something from Xanadu so you weren’t going to get anything less cringeworthy.

Ah, what the heck. Gene Kelly on rollerskates, people! (I adore Gene Kelly)

To close my busy day, here is a stripy trapezoid…

day 61

Day 60


Emotionally, today has sucked big time. I believe there is a plan, a pathway on a much grander scale than I can comprehend but sometimes waiting for that plan to resolve itself is nigh impossible. And right now, all it feels like I am learning is how much being patient *hurts*. 18 months of conforming to someone else’s whims has done nothing positive for my family and I pray that no one else has to suffer through the ‘help’ that social services offer.

And now to cheer you up. This is why we love our dogs and write them songs…

Midnight Oil – aka ‘the Oils’ –  are iconic in Australian music, and influenced generations of music makers and activists from their beginning in the mid 70’s until they disbanded in 2002. They continue to influence listeners and even politics (lead singer Peter Garrett was a cabinet minister in the Australian Federal government from 2004 – 2013). While  don’t always agree  with their sentiments, I admire their passion both for their subject matter and their music. This is one of my favourites by them.

I got a little more of the sweater knitted today and am just about ready to start working in the round. I didn’t get as much done as I wanted. I didn’t much feel up to doing much of anything for most of the day.

I got the blanket piece done though which is my minimum goal for crafting each day. I really love the colours of today’s trapezoid.

day 60

By the way, did you see? 60 days!!!

Day 58


I’m attempting to share 80’s Australian music with you for a week without resorting to Kylie Minogue. It’s surprisingly difficult – mostly because I actually like all that utterly terrible pop. Part of the difficulty is in the connections I keep remembering. For example, in the 90’s she became involved with the lead singer of today’s band and it radically changed her image. Yes, today it’s INXS. From their much celebrated album ‘Kick’ this is ‘New Sensation’. There are several excellent choices from this album but this was my choice. Not sure about the dancing by singer Michael Hutchence but that seems to be a theme in an alarming number of video clips – Australian and otherwise.

While I wait for hubby to go into the loft, I’m going to start work on another shawl design (and continue to type up the epic pattern for the first shawl). This one is going to use the same basic design ideas but will have a different combination of knit and purl rows, and a longer, shallower triangle shape. This one will be blue and will only use one ball of the yarn I have chosen.

Before working on the blanket today, I got the shoulders done on the sweater today, and most of one front. The construction is tricky to explain but I’ll give it a go. Part of the back is worked first, from the underarm to the shoulders. The stitches are then divided between the 2 shoulders and the neck. The right then the left shoulder and fronts are worked. At this point the body is then worker in the round. It’s actually pretty straight forward once you work out where everything goes and I’m enjoying it more than I expected.

Another piece placed in what appears to be limbo for the blanket today. I swear it will all make sense.

day 58

Day 57


More music from the ‘When I was 10….’ group. This is the band 1927 with a song that won them Breakthrough Artist awards from ARIA (the Australian Recording Industry Awards). Can’t define why I love this song. It’s well put together, tuneful and good to sing along to but there is still that extra something…..

oneI’m making good progress with the next sweater for my friend J. The yarn is ‘Coast’ by Danish company Holst Garn, which is a 55% wool/45% cotton blend. This blend makes it a little more coarse than a pure wool but no less lovely to work with. The cotton also gives it drape that pure wool doesn’t often have. The colours are Begonia and Lead and I’m enjoying myself so far. It is a new yarn to me and yet another new construction method. The photo shows the back and up to the shoulder (which is at the top).

I’m learning a new technique with this project, a new way to do short rows that is so much easier than the wrap & turn technique. German short rows essentially have you pull the stitch up and over the needle in a way that we teach new knitters not to do. It sounds confusing and complicated when you read the pattern instructions but there are several really good YouTube tutorials. I recommend having a look at the technique next time you have a project that uses short rows.

Day 57You may be wondering why today’s blanket addition is a square off to the side and not a trapezoid attached to the triangle. If you go back to whenever it was I posted the blanket plan, you will see that I need to add a couple more pieces for the trapezoid to attach to as well as to the triangle. It will all become clear in the next couple of days. I’m not making all of this up as I go 😉