Day 108


No new blanket piece today but I have a really good reason.

The tablecloth is cast off!!!!! I had to undo a total of 5 rounds today to get there because it’s difficult to judge how much yarn is in a ball and because I decided to cast off with a larger needle which uses more yarn.

What needs doing with it now:

* The ends from the 5 balls of yarn need to be sewn in which will need attention because of the stitch patterns.
* Washing.
* Blocking – this is where a completed piece of knitting is stretched into shape using either pins or special flexible wires and either allowed to dry after washing or steamed carefully with an iron. I don’t have any wires but some of my knitting group do so I’ll be asking to borrow them.

So here it is, unblocked, in need of a wash and final finishing, but it’s done. And I am well pleased.


In the end this finished much more quickly than I expected. Perhaps that has more to do with my ability to focus on it than anything else but it’s good to have it finished. Here’s hoping it fits mum’s table.

We’re revisiting the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain for today’s tune. It’s their version of ‘Wuthering Heights’ – something quirky and familiar and fun.

Day 107


day 107I really like how today’s trapezoid looks with the others pieces it’s attached to. The grey was a good choice with the reds, purples and turquoises around it.

I finished the 4th ball of yarn on mum’s tablecloth today and moved onto the 5th. I’ll be looking for flexible blocking wires soon because I’m very nearly done – maybe 6 more pattern rounds then a couple of plain rounds before casting off. This section would usually need to have the total number of stitches increased but if you remember the photo from the other day, there is already more stitches than are needed for the tablecloth to lay flat so I’m going to leave the stitch count alone. To bee honest, 696 stitches are just about as many as I fancy dealing with. I haven’t actually counted but it takes about 30 minutes to finish one round. I’ll be glad to wash it – up close it’s pretty grubby but only because of al the handling while knitting it which is true of most large knitting projects.

Oh, and 4 balls of yarn means 560 metres/200g of yarn. So, lots πŸ˜€

I have had music from a particular episode of Phineas & Ferb in my head ALL DAY! There is an episode in which a reformed 80’s rock group spends the day at work with a delivery driver (he won it on the radio by accident). Using a variety of styles of music they sing about everything that happens – whether it’s the driver using his blinkers, stopping at a pedestrian crossing, or climbing stairs. It’s very clever and a lot like listening to a radio station with nothing but all the jingles you like but it’s just as annoying as that too because no sooner have you gotten the song that’s been circling your brain for half an hour than another takes its place.

Fear not, I am not going to link you to that episode but the song today is something from Phineas & Ferb. The context doesn’t matter for this song – ‘Dancing in the Sunshine’. It’s short and sweet and makes me happy. Also, slightly ironic considering we had thunderstorms for most of the day here…

Day 103


day 103

Just a turquoise small square today for the blanket.

It’s been a mixed day.

I woke to a beautiful photo of my mum and her new husband. It was a lovely day by all accounts. They looked happy and make a very handsome couple, and I am delighted for them both.

I put on my big girl panties and went to the knitting group this morning. I had a lovely catch-up with my friend P which helped combat the feelings of panic and isolation. And I hate that I feel that way. I’m taking my medication so there isn’t really much else I can do.

So, yeah.

mumstableclothI managed to get a reasonable photo of the tablecloth so far. It measures about 65cm across. It will be larger once blocked but I haven’t finished the pattern yet so it may reach the metre diameter before I’m done.

By the way, that’s 696 stitches on the needles and it’s still growing… And you can see that it’s not stretched out so the pattern isn’t best displayed but you get the idea.

You can’t really see but I will be finishing the points of the solid sections before I consider casting off but I think I’ll be going further than that with the lace stitching.

I really need to update the list of songs I’ve used here on the blog. I’m pretty sure this isn’t one I’ve shared yet.

When I was in High School, I fell in love with The Beatles and did some biography reading. Don’t think I’ve done that before except with Agatha Christie. Anyway, I discovered that some of my favourite songs were by George Harrison. ‘Got My Mind Set On You’ is from 1987 so I was only 9 but the video clip is somewhere between amusing and terrifying. You decide πŸ˜‰

George Harrison – Got My Mind Set on You

Day 102


In about 2 hours, on the other side of the globe, my mum is getting married. I am a little sad to not be there but I know that she is happy, so I’m ok with not being there. My sister is there as her Maid of Honour. It’s all as exciting as it ought to be. And I am relieved and delighted that she has someone that makes her happy.

She has a great affection for Barbra Streisand and when she toured in the mid ’90’s would have very much liked to have gone to the concert. The prices for tickets were insane so it didn’t happen unfortunately but today’s clip is from that tour, a performance at the MGM. From 1977’s ‘A Star Is Born’, this is the love theme ‘Evergreen’ and she sounds as fantastic now as she did then. Such a fabulous talent, a voice as strong 20 years on.

(Yes, I’m still listening to her music on YouTube)

I’l run out of yarn on the 4th ball for the tablecloth tomorrow and will need to remember to send the husband into the loft for more. I’ll try to take a picture tomorrow to show the (limited) progress.

I’m even more delighted with the blanket today after hearing how much mum likes it. It’s not going to live with her (it’s mine! :p) but it’s always lovely to be complimented by someone you respect.

day 102

A dark teal rectangle today.


Day 101


On the list ‘Songs That Make Me Happy’, ELO’s ‘Mister Blue Sky’ ranks very close to the top. I have nothing else to say on that except ‘enjoy!’.

fingernails - in pink and goldOh! And I forgot to show you my pretty, celebratory nail polish yesterday so have a photo today. I used (from thumb to pinkie): Rimmel’s Lasting Finish in colour 025 ‘Strawberry Fizz’, Max Factor’s Max Effect in colour 33 ‘Lollipop’, L’Oreal’s Color Riche in 211 ‘Opulent Pink’, Orly in ‘Luxe’, and Nails Inc’s ‘Plum’.

I have a lot of trouble keeping nail polish on though I can’t work out why. No matter how much or how careful the preparation, it rarely lasts more than 24 hours. This lot is doing well so far. Only one chip and it’s only been in the last hour or so.

day 101

Another yellow rectangle for the blanket today.

I started working on mum’s tablecloth again today. I had hoped to have it in the post by now – the wedding is on Wednesday – but my brain hates me so I’ve fallen behind. Also, I think I’m going to need a 5th ball of yarn to make it the size I think it ought to be. Getting there though and despite needing a wash, it’s looking very pretty. Photos later in the week.

Day 95


An example of the energy and affection for the production by both the cast and the audience is today’s Gilbert & Sullivan/EssGee Productions clip. In ‘Pirates of Penzance’, Frederick was apprenticed, by accident, to Pirates until his 21st birthday. Being that he was born in a leap year, it gets complicated when he tries to leave the Pirate company. He finds a girl, her father tells a lie, the Pirates find out so they determine to take revenge. In this song, ‘With Cat-like Tread’, they sing about exchanging Piracy for burglary… then the conductor and the audience make them do Β it again, and again.

By the way, his very important dialogue is ‘Away!’ πŸ˜‰

day 95



Had to decide whether to continue using very bold colours in this section of the blanket. I chose the apple green instead of the dark teal I was contemplating, worried that it would be too bright compared with the rest of the blanket so far. That’s not to say that I won’t put the teal above the red and purple later on….



garden - spinning 1I’m having a lot of trouble concentrating again this week. I think I’ve managed to knit 2 rounds of mum’s tablecloth (which I had expected would be in the post by now), but I have managed to keep up with the blanket, and have done a little hand spinning each day. I’ve continued to work on the peach/green fibre I bought at Fibre-East on Saturday. I’m using the hand spindle I made with the chopstick and the plug because I am spinning yarn of a similar thickness to sewing thread and that is the lightest weight spindle I have. Being that I want it to stay lightweight, I periodically move the yarn onto a larger spindle to hold until I’m ready to ply it. When I am finished, I will chain-ply it which will triple it’s thickness and improve the evenness and strength of the finished yarn.

I will try to remember to explain chain-plying (also called ‘Navajo-plying’) when I get to it.

Day 80


Do you know what one of the worst parts of having depression and anxiety is? It’s not the way people think you’re being lazy or flaky. It’s not how hard it is to do everyday things as simple as getting out of bed and getting dressed. It’s not how getting good treatment is so difficult. It’s being unable to control something as simple as your emotions.

I was watching tv and knitting earlier today and quite suddenly and without any prompting I was sobbing. I still don’t know why. And before you suggest it might have been prompted by whatever was on the tv, I was in the middle of 2 hours of Scooby-Doo cartoons so there was nothing even vaguely emotional happening on the screen. I’m sure that I can point to a dozen things going on in my life that are misery making but this was so abstract.

Anyway, it’s ridiculous. I’ll be 36 next month and I respond to emotional situations like an angry and frustrated toddler, crying at the stupidest of things. I still don’t handle change well. I don’t handle being on my own well but I don’t want people breathing my air. And my poor husband is inundated with demands for his undivided attention. I am fully aware of all of these things and no matter how much effort I put in, there are times I have absolutely no control over any of it… of course, this all just makes it worse.

So I’m feeling drained and wobbly headed but I did the finishing on a friends cowl, got more of the tablecloth done and did today’s square. I even cleaned the floors, and washed my hair.

Then cheered myself up with some more Horrible Histories songs. This is one I have yet to learn and you’ll see why. You’ll also learn all the English monarchs since William the Conqueror. You’ll be humming this one too. Not sorry :p

Orange/lime/yellow rectangle!

day 80

Day 76


I had nearly forgotten you today, InterWebs, so it’s a short post. The handspindles will be tomorrow. Sorry. (And then I forgot to click ‘Publish’, so much later than it ought to have been and backdated.)

Since I started coordinating a knitting group at our local Waterstones bookshop, I can’t get the hang of Thursdays. This is exacerbated by some confusion on where I’m supposed to start the next row of the tablecloth. The pattern shifts the starting point on several rows and I thought I’d got it right but the pattern looked wrong so now I’m graphing the last and next few rows of the pattern to try to make sense of it. Wish me luck.

Another Horrible Histories song. This one is Charles II in a style not dissimilar to Eminem.

Accompanied by a small square…

day 76

Day 73


More awesome British music, from an unusual ensemble today. Meet Mumford & Sons. Their music has a foundation in folk and sounds a little like a drinking song – robust and energetic in the best of ways. You find yourself tapping your foot and wondering when you started.

And yes, that is a banjo and a string bass.

Tablecloth update – today I caught up to where I had been before undoing all of those rows yesterday. I even got a couple more rows done so, yay! Despite the large number of stitches, this is a very fast knit and I’m enjoying it for that reason among others.

Today’s rectangle is almost the same colour as half of my hair….

day 73

Day 72


There is some fantastic talent in the British music industry right now. While I’ve not heard much of Labrinth’s music, I have very much enjoyed Emile Sande’s album. Their voices are beautiful together and hearing the restrained power in their voices…. well, I love it.

Tablecloth update – I managed to miss a decrease near the beginning of yesterday’s knitting which means I got to spend an hour or so undoing it. Now, normally I would drop the stitch then use a crochet hook to rework the column of stitches but because the error was on the edge of a pattern set using yarn overs and knit 2 togethers and picking them up can be done but I hadn’t the patience for it today. Annoying but I’ll be more vigilant in my counting this time around, in that I will make sure to count all of the pattern repeats rather than whatever is in front of me at the time I think to do some counting.

The blanket piece has moved back to the original giant patchwork square today before working out the the edge again over the next week.

day 72