Day 159


The shawl is *this close* to finished. I’m halfway through the border along the top then there’s just the 10 or so ends to sew in. It will be finished tomorrow in time for the afternoon knitting group but I need sleep right now.

And along those lines, tonights music is by a former contestant on the UK’s Fame Academy. I don’t actually watch reality TV so I don’t know how he was selected for it or how the show worked or who won. I do know that I’ve enjoyed the music he’s produced. This song was beautiful the first time I heard it. It’s still beautiful.

Lemar – Lullaby

Day 155


After spending the day out and about with my family, I focused on finishing one side of the shawl border. And I did but being that it’s a triangular shawl, the end of the side border is at a different angle to the top of the shawl. I’ve worked short rows to fix it but I miscalculated and am a couple of rows short of what I’d planned. This makes one corner of the short row triangle a bit squashed so I’ll rip back tomorrow and redo it.

Not that it looks bad but it can be better and given that this design is made up of squares and triangles, it deserves to have that continued in sharp corners.

Also, I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my knitting.

(No, photo I’m afraid. My phone/camera battery is sleeping and doesn’t want to cooperate.)

Day 151


No blanket addition today but that’s only because i finished the body of a mitred-square shawl!!! It’s not as big as I want and I still have a half the yarn left of the 3 balls I allocated to this shawl so I’m going to give it simple but wide border.


I’m going to rewind the half ball I’ve been working from then start on it. I’ll explain what I’m going to do as I go because I’m not sure that my plan will work yet.

William Shatner. Bohemian Rhapsody. ‘Nuff said.

Day 111


So, I’m not knitting today. I’ve done a little spinning and a crocheted circle but I have been melancholy since just before getting home from my Thursday knitting group. 

I lost my favourite shawl today.

It fell out of my bag sometime between leaving knitting and getting on the bus to go home. I know exactly the places I went so I know it was lost in the 5 minutes between leaving the chemist, crossing the road and getting on the bus. I know because the crossing was the same one I had taken from the cafe to the chemist and it wasn’t there when I went back across the road.

So I’ve been in a sort of mourning all afternoon and can’t face any knitting, particularly for the blanket because it uses the same techniques I used for the shawl.


It was knit with 3 balls of Schoppell-woll’s 4-ply Zauberball in the colourway called ‘Tropical fish’ (in German – Frische Fische). That’s 1200m and it took me 2 weeks to knit it. And I miss it and I don’t think I can bring myself to knit an identical replacement. I have found a couple of different colourways that I might use but I have to wait until I have the money to buy it (the yarn is about £10 per ball).

Guess this is the perfect time for some melancholy Annie Lennox.

Day 108


No new blanket piece today but I have a really good reason.

The tablecloth is cast off!!!!! I had to undo a total of 5 rounds today to get there because it’s difficult to judge how much yarn is in a ball and because I decided to cast off with a larger needle which uses more yarn.

What needs doing with it now:

* The ends from the 5 balls of yarn need to be sewn in which will need attention because of the stitch patterns.
* Washing.
* Blocking – this is where a completed piece of knitting is stretched into shape using either pins or special flexible wires and either allowed to dry after washing or steamed carefully with an iron. I don’t have any wires but some of my knitting group do so I’ll be asking to borrow them.

So here it is, unblocked, in need of a wash and final finishing, but it’s done. And I am well pleased.


In the end this finished much more quickly than I expected. Perhaps that has more to do with my ability to focus on it than anything else but it’s good to have it finished. Here’s hoping it fits mum’s table.

We’re revisiting the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain for today’s tune. It’s their version of ‘Wuthering Heights’ – something quirky and familiar and fun.