Day 132


handspun-gardenFINISHED!!!!! 550m/600yds of 4ply yarn (the actual yarn is 3ply but the thickness is the same as a commercial 4ply yarn). Think I killed the gears in my e-spinner (nicknamed ‘Avril’ because it got complicated) finishing this yarn. Good thing I have spares.

Anyway, some spinning terms before I go on.

Single/s – a single strand of spun fibre.
Ply – 2 or more strands of spun fibre.
Chain-plying – a way to turn single into a 3-strand thick thread.

So, I finished spinning the single-that-wouldn’t-end last night and almost immediately began plying the yarn. To keep the pinks with the pinks, and the greens with the greens I chose to chain-ply the single. Chain-plying is a process where you draw a long loop of yarn through another long loop of the same yarn to create a continuous length of yarn that is 3 strands thick. As you are doing this, you are twisting the yarn in the opposite direction to the one that the singles were spun in. In this case, I spun the yarn in a clock-wise direction so I twisted the plies in an anti-clockwise direction. The tricky part is not to put too much or too little twist against the earlier spinning of the singles. This is called balancing the yarn.

To be honest, as long as the yarn doesn’t fall apart, you can use it and count it as a success and with pattern databases like Ravelry, you are sure to find a pattern that will accommodate whatever sort and length of yarn you have created.

The process of plying this yarn took about 5 hours in total. 550 metres of stranded yarn means that the single was about 1650 metres. That’s more than 1.5 kilometres…. and just over a mile long. It’s the longest I’ve ever manage to draw out 100g of fibre.

A blue rectangle for yesterday and a dark pink square for today join the previous 130 blanket pieces today.

I fancied some awesome guitar today so here’s some Santana (with Rob Thomas) from the turn of the century.

Santana feat. Rob Thomas – Smooth

Day 130


How am I at 130 days already?! A red-grey small square to celebrate.


(Bonus Bear paw)

I was delayed in finishing my spinning yet again today. I’m helping a friend finish a blanket she’s knitting by crocheting some pieces for it. I had forgotten that I had meant to finish the set this week. Each one only takes about 15 minutes to make (I timed it) but my hand keeps aching so I can only do one an hour or I’m going to complaining about RSI.

I’m very tempted to start plying this yarn from the end I started spinning at because I’m getting reeeeeally impatient with trying to finish spinning the single first and being interrupted.

Just realised I hadn’t shared a photo of just how thinly I’m spinning this yarn…


Today’s music choice was a toss up between this song – ‘Iris’ by the Goo Goo Dolls – and something by Depeche Mode. ‘Iris’ won because I couldn’t choose which Depeche Mode song to share…

Goo Goo Dolls – ‘Iris’