Day 76


I had nearly forgotten you today, InterWebs, so it’s a short post. The handspindles will be tomorrow. Sorry. (And then I forgot to click ‘Publish’, so much later than it ought to have been and backdated.)

Since I started coordinating a knitting group at our local Waterstones bookshop, I can’t get the hang of Thursdays. This is exacerbated by some confusion on where I’m supposed to start the next row of the tablecloth. The pattern shifts the starting point on several rows and I thought I’d got it right but the pattern looked wrong so now I’m graphing the last and next few rows of the pattern to try to make sense of it. Wish me luck.

Another Horrible Histories song. This one is Charles II in a style not dissimilar to Eminem.

Accompanied by a small square…

day 76