Day 194


Didn’t feel like knitting but as with praying, it’s when you least feel like doing it that you are most in need of doing it. I have been struggling since coming home from the hospital with being on my own. This shows in many ways but one of the most blatant is my withdrawal from crafting.

That being said, I can offer no visual proof of actually knitting my trapezoid tonight because the battery on my phone has finally given up and is refusing to charge. And so, I am without a camera.

Tonight is Melissa Etheridge for no other reasons than that I love this song and her voice is incredible.

Day 192


Photo catch-up!

Grey trapezoid was day 190, red square was yesterday (day 191), and the pink trapezoid is today.

day 190-192

I almost forgot this again today. I have been enjoying the company of my son and mother-in-law and working on my husband’s birthday present. There’s a lot going on this weekend.

I’m trying to think of things that aren’t my mental health or this blanket to write about. One of the things I was considering, other than the discussions promised at the beginning of this blog, was how to correct your gauge, and why it works the way it does. Is anyone interested in this?

Looking back over the last 2 weeks of posts, it is glaringly obvious that my music tastes are somewhat eclectic. It gets worse today. Not sorry 😉

This piece is very appropriately called ‘The Typewriter’ and I first heard it as part of a collection called ‘Wagner’s Rinse Cycle’. It was a collection of ‘musical oddities’ – songs played on obscure or improvised instruments, songs that are meowed instead of sung – pieces that are singular in the musical world for one reason or another. You’ll see why this one was included immediately.

I’m particularly fond of them ‘tuning’ the typewriter to the orchestra.


Day 190


Too tired to muck about with photos today but rest assured that the knitting was in fact done. The other trapezoid was added around yesterdays small square. It is in considerably fewer shades of grey than that literary affront.

Straight onto the song today because it’s live Led Zeppelin with the very awesome ‘Kashmir’ – another of those songs that gives me happy shivers, particularly live versions. Also, I love Robert Plant’s hair! And his voice and the sound they achieve with this very complex piece of music. I love it when rock bands show their talent goes beyond being loud.

Day 188


I’m putting together a YouTube playlist of all the music I’ve played on here. I’m only about 3 weeks in so far. 188 days is a lot of words to work through.

Going back through the posts has shown me that I promised some knitting related explanations way back at the beginning and never got around to them. I’ll make a page with a list for the tutorials and explanations too while I’m making the playlist. I still need to make a page of just the patterns. Maybe I should make those into a PDF as well.

A lovely, straightforward trapezoid today. I’m quite fond of this green but I’m never sure if it works as well as I think – it’s a much more muted colour, sort of grubby compared with the others. I don’t think it clashes, just not sure if it was the right choice.

Day 188

After ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’, I’ve not heard this Wet Wet Wet song on the radio and I’ve missed it. I particularly like the bridge.


Day 180


I found a ball of yarn today that I’ve only used once before in this blanket because it’s a sample skein which means it’s less than 80m in length. The other yarns I’m using come in balls or skeins of 400m so I’m only going to get 3-4 pieces out of the sample skein. It makes an interesting punctuation in the pattern though.

Day 180

I went out with my friend Mary today for the first time since getting sick. We ended up at Hobbycraft which is never a good thing. I’ve come home with a cross-stitch magazine (because it has a cute scissor keeper and pouch kit) and 3 variety packs of buttons because the sweater I knitted last year needs finishing which includes buttons. There are so many ends to sew in! This is one of the reasons I prefer crochet – working the ends into the fabric as you go is so much easier.

More 80’s music (I kinda love 80’s music. Can you tell?). A-ha is best known for ‘Take On Me’ which has an excellent, partially animated video, but tonight’s song is one that I hadn’t realised was by them. Living in England, ‘The Sun Always Shines On TV’ is, sadly, true. It can be several days in a rows that the only place we might see the sun is on tv……

Day 179


Dear Self,

You’ve tried having fizzy drink since leaving the hospital and you know that it doesn’t take much more than 200ml to upset your tummy so why did you think that drinking a 2 litre bottle over 3 days would not be a problem?

Self, you’re an idiot sometimes.

So, yeah, I’m still readjusting to a ‘normal’ diet and sometimes my desire to return to what was overrides what is. It makes for a lot of burping and general discomfort.

Also, I am out of practice at staying up until after 1am. The headache I have this evening is intense.

Anyway today’s knitting is reversing the next 2 days on the plan. Decreases are easier without having to fit the sloping edge to another piece and increasing against a decrease edge is pretty straightforward.

I’ll fill in the gap with the second trapezoid tomorrow.

Day 179

Depeche Mode. I love the tune of this song (Shake the Disease), and the lyrics. Truthfully, I love most of their music.  They’re iconically ’80’s and wonderful for it 🙂

Day 178


It’s been a while since I knitted a trapezoid let alone a pair for a corner. Fortunately, I remember how to do it. This pair is pretty straight forward. It also means that I am once again caught up – a pink trapezoid for yesterday a light turquoise for today.

Day 178

When I woke from my nap this afternoon, hubby was watching a BBC program on the beginnings of Heavy Metal, particularly it’s origins here in the UK. I am very fond of Bruce Dickinson who is probably the most famous of Iron Maiden’s vocalists – he used to host a radio program for BBC radio 6 that introduced a slew of new artists into this house.

One of the most awesome things about many metal/hard rock bands is that the musicians are well trained – some of them in classical music or less popular instruments (the lead singer of Korn plays the bagpipes!). Listening closely to the music can surprise you with its musical complexity. I love it!

This song is called ‘Can I Play With Madness’ but always sounds like ‘can i play with matches’ to me….. There’s even a Monty Python actor in this video clip.

Day 157


Turns out I had almost got the join right last night. I was about ready to take a pair of scissors to the whole thing last night though so even though I got it right first time this morning, it’s probably just as well I didn’t keep making attempts.

On the plan, today was a large square. No idea why when it needs the rectangle I did knit today for half of one of it’s sides.

Long story short – trapezoid sorted and rectangle knitted.


Random pet photo time. This is my dog Fox using my legs and a duvet for his midday snooze… Eyes squeezed shut, tongue poking out. Apparently this is all very comfy.


He’s curled up very small at the end of the sofa now. I’m always surprised how small he can get and yet how much of the sofa he can cover when stretched out.

System of a Down are an awesome metal band. Though they hail from California, the four members are Armenian-American and the influences of Middle Eastern music can be heard particularly in the vocal performances. I am always eager to hear new musical influences within established musical genres. This is their debut song ‘Chop Suey!’. The video clip is a performance video so it’s nothing extraordinary but the music caught my attention immediately and continues to every time I hear it.

System of a Down – Chop Suey!

Day 156


Had to redo the corner of the shawl twice more before I was finally happy with it. And I wrote it down so I’ll be able to do it when I’m done with the other side.


The stitches need some redistributing to make them look nicer. Either that or I’ll run do it with a better short row technique.

I worked on the blanket too today. Had to redo day 154 because I knit a rectangle but should have done a trapezoid, so that’s fixed now. I did yesterdays small square in grey and have started and restarted today’s trapezoid because I can’t remember how I picked up the stitches neatly the last 3 times I did it. And I’m starting to panic about it. I’ve tried several different ways and none of them are right. I think that it’s time to put it down and try again tomorrow. Not sure I want to though. I hate being defeated by something I’ve conquered before.

Here’s where I’m at right now…


Am trying to remember that this is a project to find my calm. It’s not working yet.

So we’re listening to Cecilia Bartoli because she was once my inspiration. Her voice is exquisite, capable of lyrical heights and full-bodied depths. And of course, she makes it look and sound effortless. One of my favourite things about her performances, and the reason I prefer to watch her on stage to listening to a recording, is her expressive face. Every song is a performance regardless of the setting. I confess to not always knowing quite what expression she is trying to convey but her pleasure in her talent and that she is able to share it is obvious.

Though she is well known for her ability to interpret Rossini’s more complicated direction, this piece of music is by Mozart and you will likely recognise it. It is from ‘Le nozze di Figaro’, and while the character who sings this is male, he is always played by a mezzo-soprano woman. No idea why this is. For whatever reason, ‘Voi che sapete’ is a beautiful piece.

Cecilia Bartoli – ‘Voi che sapete’, Mozart

Day 152


So, after several attempted configurations, I have decide that I best like the way the shawl looks when I knit the border separately then use mattress stitch to sew it on. This is, however, subject to change…


The Greater London Yarn Crawl happened this weekend, and while I was not part of any of the 10 groups wandering between London’s yarn sellers, my friend E was. Many of the locations offer mini skeins as samples and E gifted me with one of these to add to my blanket. Yesterdays trapezoid is dark purple but today’s rectangle is the new yarn – the dyer is ‘Countess Ablaze’, the yarn is Lady Persephone Sock (which uses blue faced Leicester instead of merino for its wool content), in a color way called ‘Girl At The Rock Show’, and I love it! The look and texture is more lustrous like a cotton when compared to the other sock yarns I have used so far. I think that this is in part due to the higher twist count of the yarn. From what little I have used so far, I can highly recommend it


I had planned to share Tenacious D’s ‘Tribute’ for today’s track but given that the name of the new yarn is also the title of a song by Blink 182 that I like, that’s what you’re getting.

Blink 182 – Girl at the Rock Show