Day 118


I am rocking some awesome false nails today. They’re only press-on’s but I’m considering gluing them on properly cause I love them!


Went to knitting at Waterstones cafe today, dragging my son along with me. He lasted an hour before declaring ultimate boredom, though he did agree that he ought to have brought with him more things to do like I’d suggested so score one for mum I guess.

Today it was just us and my friend G so we began yarn spinning lessons. This is one of those crafts in which I am entirely self-taught. This makes teaching tricky because I have no experience of learning from someone else, and trying to convey my instinctive understanding of how to work with the materials is tricky. Apparently I don’t suck at it because G was doing well for a first attempt.

I have had yet another day of being unable to settle on one thing for any useful period of time. Not a stitch of knitting, and only demonstration amounts of yarn spinning. I will catch up on blanket knitting in the morning. Tomorrow afternoon there are plans to tidy up/clean out the craft corner of our living room. It’s the first step to regaining some control over my scattered brain. Wish me luck.

Today is the original version of ‘Tainted Love’ by Soft Cell. There’s no fancy reason. Just that in my head it is linked to yesterday’s song ‘Take On Me’. I think they must have been on a cassette tape together when I was growing up…